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Working with the best Air Media

Working with the best Air Media


As the No.1 aviation media operator in China, Airmedia possesses over 90% of market shares in the air media field in China, owning tremendous media sources in most major cities’ airports. Over the past few years, Betvis has built a strategic partnership with Airmedia and became one of its major suppliers. Over 7,000 digital media terminals have been manufactured and installed by Betvis across airports in China, including Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, etc.


Challenges for Shanghai Pudong International Airport

In the case of digital signage air media project for Shanghai Pudong airport, some serious challenges need to be completed in a really limited time. One challenge is that nearly 200 customized displays need to be deployed under a really tight budget in less than 2 month, what makes it more challenging is that actually several different types of specially designed terminals need to be made for different locations within the airport. Another particular hard one is the complexity of the content system, for Airmedia wanted to combine airport services and commercial applications into one single terminal, while not introducing any confusion or chaos.
Apparently normal single panel LCD display can’t meet the expectation, so Betvis came up with this unique two-in-one kiosk display which contains one 49 inch landscape display at the top and one 55 inch portrait display at the bottom, way to keep the whole air media project within budget and complete the challenge as well.

Betvis Content Management System

Betvis DSM digital signage software system is dedicated to large complex digital signage projects, featuring high stability and strong scalability. Over 10,000 air media terminals can be managed online with one single custom server, operating under less than 1% annual failure rate.


Pudong Airport adopts DSM8 system, and takes a full advantage of it. Terminal displays are different from airport aisles, concourse and departure halls. For those installed on pillars in aisles, the top displays are dedicated to play HD advertising videos, while the bottom displays are set to show dynamic posters in loop. Those displays for departure halls adopt totally different solution, for the top displays will show airport flight information, including flight delays, cancellations and gate information, while after every certain time period, automatically switch to some popular live TV shows, providing both instructions and entertainments at the same time. The bottom displays will be filled with videos and promotions from clients, like Samsung, Nokia, ICBC, etc.  All content will be updated from Airmedia’s server and all terminals can be controlled and monitored from remote, ensuring easy maintenance. Another competitive feature is a statistic function which allows Airmedia to get accurate statistic data of playback times and viewer demographic reports.  This provides a persuasive way to attract advertisers and actually has been sought by Airmedia for a long time. Since this statistic function is one of the essential features of Betvis’s DSM digital signage software, it doesn’t cost Airmedia any extra costs.

About Airmedia
Founded in 2005, Airmedia is the largest air media operator in China, and is also a NASDAQ-listed company. With coverage of more than 30 main airports in China, and over 10,000 clients across the globe, Airmedia is now expending in an awe-inspiring speed.

About Shanghai Pudong Airport
Pudong Airport, located in Pudong, Shanghai, is one of the busiest airports in Asia, ranking third in terms of freight globally and 20th in terms of passenger volume.