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Why LCD Wall Takes More Advantages Among Commercial Display Field in 2016 new

Why LCD Wall Takes More Advantages Among Commercial Display Field in 2016 new


In recent years, accompanied by people\’s increasing demand for large screens, LCD wall splicing screens, as a new type of splicing display technology, have entered the market of commercial display. Furthermore, through continuous improvement and optimization of product technology, LCD wall splicing screens are not only of high quality, but more importantly, they can also satisfy the obvious pursuit of users in terms of price, realize the greatest advantages in quality and price, and become another major booster in the industry market. It also brings vitality to the development of the industry.

Specifically, the lcd splicing screen is a high-definition display screen composed of a combination of top industrial panel and backlight technology. After the increasingly advanced splicing technology is upgraded, the design of the narrow sash of the llcd splicing screen is as low as 1.8 mm or below, breaking through the traditional splicing technology to achieve the \”seamless\” display effect, to make up for the user\’s regret for the LCD splicing screen can not achieve seamless splicing technology; it can be arbitrary splicing, roaming window, overlay, picture-in-picture A variety of high-end display capabilities cater to current users’ pursuit of advanced display screens.

In addition, the LCD wall achieves high-performance, low-cost product application with the advantages of high resolution, low power consumption, long lifespan, no radiation, high stability, and low maintenance cost. In fact, this is mainly due to the current LCD dot pitch is very small, it is easy to promote resolution to achieve high-definition display, and heat is small, low power consumption, it is also very stable to run, so that the overall maintenance ost is lower, which make it can get better price than similar products of PDP and DLP.

In general, LCD video wall are widely used in the commercial display industry. On one hand, it adoptes integrated technical principles and structural properties to improve its own splicing technology and optimize product quality; on the other hand, it is with reasonable prices, facilitates its price advantage in commercial display products.