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Tops Super Store in Thailand

Tops Super Store is a large supermarket chain brand in Thailand. Similarly to TESCO, it has a vested interest in digital content display for supermarkets. Betvis has custom made dozens of supermarket totems, interactive kiosks, shelf-top screens and so forth. Combine with the existing retail solution ability and experience, Betvis has tailored in-store digital signage solution for Tops Super Store.

Transparent Screen

The most unique digital signage product installed was the transparent screens on the refrigerator. The glass door allows viewing of the goods inside the fridge clearly. At the same time, the door, being a screen, allows displaying of a range of videos, images, or scrolling texts. The overall fridge appears like a magic mirror.

This specific product boost 40% sales of beverage and drinks, reported by Tops manager.

Digital Totem

Betvis digital totems installed has white metal looks and brand logo silk-printed. They were deployed at the supermarket entrance for welcome and greeting. In Tops, they display both aisle & area guidance and advertising media content.

Stretched Display

These double-side screens were installed on shelf tops, allowing explosure to customers on both sides. Applying these screens at the entrance of aisles enables aisle guidance and precise aisle promotion delivery. In addition, Betvis digital signage media player, embeded with DSM80 content management system, enables central management and flexible dynamic content display.

Shelf-edge Display

Wide format shelf-edge displays are installed as a key part of the supermarket digital signage solution. Choose either screen spliting or single wide format display to suit in-store advertising purposes.