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Top Shelf Digital Signage for Intelligent Retailing 2019

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Nowadays, a wide variety of digital screens emerge in many stores and malls. Combined with certain interactive system, these screens work as a trading platform and help not only BTL entities but also online shops to raise performance. With the surging demands on User Shopping Experience, Interactive Cloud Top Shelf Digital Signage concept gradually go to the first stage.

Betvis Cloud Top Shelf Digital Signage Interactive Video Wall solution arises as the era requires. It would be the future trend on for O2O promotion due to spread promotion to marketing fade zone.

→ Break through the Space Limitation.

Supported by full-channel inventory sharing from the merchants, the system flexibly docks with their national inventory in the absence of some products. It improves sales capacity and efficiency in offline terminals.

→ Marketing Event Information Display.

Cloud Shelf is not only a smart terminal for selling goods, but also a marketing campaign advertising platform. It attracts passengers to participate into interaction, stimulates consumers to shopping, and improves sales conversion through creative content.

→ Multi-functional Sales Tools.

In the self-service convenient shopping, Cloud Shelf can work with a variety of platform interfaces like smart recommendations, guess you like, online evaluation and other functional modules, to maximize the purchase conversion rate.

→ Maintain Sales Opportunities for Future Demands.

when consumers can not make a live decision to order, or wait for the new season after the discount season, it guides consumers to sweep the AR code, which to avoid the loss of customers, and to create second promotion to bring new profit growth.

As more customers flow to online market, it should increasingly enter into a tough time for offline stores. How to give consumers a good impression from the scene and experience gradually becomes more important. These 2 theme are the most obvious advantage for offline entities, comparing with online stores.