80 Series POS Terminal

Model: BV-PO80 | BV-PO80-A | BV-PO80-D

  • Smart unique design with solid metal alloy base

  • Flexible customer screen options

  • Sufficient performance and energy saving for all requirements

  • 10 points true-flat capatitive touch screen


Product Overview


Different Customer Screens Sizes Available

There are 3 models in A5 series POS terminals, no customer screen, small customer screen, or larger customer screen version.

Flaxible Adjustable Angles


Powerful CPU, Windows Supported

CPU options from J1900 to Core i3/i5 are available for different performance requirements. Our X86 industrial board support Windows 7 or Windows 10.

*Windows license will not be included in this product.

10 Points Touch Sreen


Product Specifications

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Betvis POS terminals have been widely installed in retail stores, such as dairy shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bakery stores, cafes, and so on. For the needs of displaying more information to customers, both VFD display and LCD display are optional as the customer screen. Additionally, Betvis POS peripheral hardware products enable our complete point of sales solution for your store, including card reader, receipt printer, etc.




How might I get in touch with Betvis?

There are multiple channels that you can reach Betvis.


If you have already contacted Betvis, feel free to contact the previous representative any time for any purposes.  Alternatively, please take any of the following contact methods to reach us.

  • Email: info@betvis.com
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Where do you products come from?

Betvis offers products and solutions delivered from China, where Betvis is based. Based on distinct demands, Betvis produces using various Chinese and global brands, such as LG, Samsung, and BOE.

How can I get technical assistance from Betvis?

For pre-sales support, please call, email, or leave us a message using contact form. One of our professionals will provide help as soon as request received. For after-sales support, do not hesitate to contact the sales representative for any assistance.

What assistance can Betvis offer for my business and local clients?

With decades of industrial experience serving global clients, Betvis is capable to offer different solutions to meet clients\’ demands. In addition, making the most of our global presence, Betvis consistantly provide market insights to our clients around the globe.

Betvis is collaborating more with our global partner to provide technical support, supply chain solution, marketing and branding coorporation to achieve strategical success together in their lobal markets.

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