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Meeting Room Booking System 2017 new

Meeting Room Booking System


A puzzles hangs in the discussions among enterprises – how to use proper rooms in proper time. Efficient utilization of conference rooms and other office resources is also always a heat in modern OA development. As network technology increasingly grows up, the intelligent management system of conference room reservation is born at the right moment.

BETVIS Integrated Conference Management Solutions can help enterprise reserve meeting resources anytime and anywhere, for a intelligent, efficient and diverse experience. These solutions emphasize on software functions, combined with our high-quality LCD hardware, enterprises can remove their worries on resource loss.

Sparkles :

– Improve Efficiency of Conference Organization.
Office message notification, sharing schedules and queries. It reduces the process of repeated communication and coordination during conference organizations, to improve the efficiency of meeting organization.

– Eliminate Mistakes in Reservation Service.
To raise initiate and rapid notifications at any time on reservations/change/cancellation and etc., participants can know about the status and changes at all times for avoiding mistakes.

– Maximize Conference Room Resource Utilization.
Based on the daily meeting room reservations and the use of related equipment and services, to provide simple, reasonable process and optimized solutions to maximize conference room related resource utilization.

Conference room check-in, check-out, delay and other meticulous managements and process designs make management more efficient.
Statistical reports and analysis can help enterprises better to plan and manage conference room resources.

Moreover, the system supports many kinds of booking methods, such as Web pages, mobile apps, and etc.; supporting notification through mail, short message, and so on. At the same time, it also supports various displays of meeting information.
In addition, it is a highly open and flexible system, which can not only integrete with all kinds of OA office systems, but also cooperate with other hardware equipment, to achieve more expansion functions.

At present, the Conference Room Reservation industry is in the high-speed development stage, related products unceasingly develops and consummates. BETVIS LCD digital signage (wall mount ex./in. room, stretched display at hall…) with mature booking software devote to occupy a place in this field.