LCD Video Wall

Sizes: 46″ | 49″ | 55″

  • BOE/LG/SAMSUNG original led IPS panel
  • Super narrow bezel 3.5mm
  • Reliable, durable and dust-resistant
  • Innovative solution with easy access
  • Network control and media distribution

Product Overview

Two Brightness Options

Different Interface Embedded

3 Installation Methods For Various Applications

Multiple Sizes Available In Stock


Franchised store

Well-designed digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate.

Office building

Emerging facilities and systems can boost employee confidence and enthusiasm, and also make the visiting customers feel good and agree with the company.

Shopping mall

Good looking video walls can bring many benefits to shopping malls, such as increasing customer flow, boosting sales and gaining good reputation.


LCD video wall is a wonderful way to showcase product features and company strength at the exhibition.