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LCD Digital Signage to Promote Restaurant Dining Experience in 2013

LCD Digital Signage to Promote Restaurant Dining Experience

“Bread it the staff of life”, as an old saying goes, people care a lot about what they eat. Nowadays, we not only lay emphasis on eating well, but also eating pleasantly. The personalized dining environment has become a great tool for restaurants to win consumers’ loyal.


LCD digital signage advertising network media player provides this opportunity to embark on the people\’s \”table.\” Integration of science and technology elements, to create personalized food experience as closely related to human survival industry, the catering industry has been closely linked to social life, and the trend of integration into the times of factors, is the preferred way to upgrade restaurant dining environment. What is the hottest thing in today\’s society? Undoubtedly, the answer is the Internet.

It is an important embodiment of the humanized service of the restaurant to build a network-based ordering process with advertising agency. As a digital information dissemination tool, the LCD digital signage board can replace the traditional menu, so that people\’s ordering process more interesting.

At the same time at the peak of the meal, but also to enrich the customer\’s waiting time, alleviate their anxiety, such as through the function of intelligent touch, customers can not only browse the restaurant related information, but also with the restaurant related to the characteristics of the game, in the rich and other meals at the same time, but also to promote the restaurant\’s brand culture. Professional LCD Advertising Player Touch application, so that the meal process is no longer dull for consumers, in the state of starvation is undoubtedly a kind of suffering, it is easy to produce irritability, so that the service quality of the restaurant questioned. However, cooking requires a process, waiting for inevitable, ideological \”shortening\” the meal time, become an important issue of restaurant service upgrade.

In this case, the advantages of LCD digital signage board will be reflected incisively and vividly. In addition to leveraging social media, the LCD advertising machine itself is capable of providing customer-specific services to ease the anxiety of waiting.

At present, some of the advertising machine can be interactive with the customer\’s smartphone through NFC, the customer can be personalized according to their own needs to set up, in order to facilitate the restaurant targeted services, such as the provision of relevant inquiry information, the introduction of characteristic cuisine, the provision of featured games, effectively fill the gap between customers and other meal time. As a representative service industry, the customer experience is an important factor affecting the performance of the restaurant, so in this industry, every few years from the consumer experience point of view re-evaluation of the consumer environment.