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How to Properly Distribute new LCD Advertising Players?

How to Properly Distribute new LCD Advertising Players?

In an increasingly broad range of applications and environments, the LCD advertising players are gradually transformed from a single release to interactive interaction, to increase revenue, reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction, at the same time, equipment selection and furnishings are increasingly complex.

Recommendation: Placed in the vicinity of the crowd The interactive LCD advertising machine is placed in a large number of places to achieve its maximum use, in general, it is better placed near the entrance than near the exit, because the consumer has just entered a retail store is still fresh feeling. When the interactive LCD advertising players are spread over a larger area, such as a retail store, the machine should be placed along the popular route, respectively, so that people can find them more easily.


Most people do not like to wait, especially when they buy things, so should be the division to place a sufficient number of interactive LCD advertising machine to ensure that consumers can be more efficient service.

Second, the layout suggestion: the machine many strength big The location is good, but when there are too few machines, problems often arise, including a lengthy wait, which leads to a decline in sales and a situation where consumers are dissatisfied. The best deployment plan is to provide enough interactive LCD advertising players to ensure good coverage in all regions, even if a machine is being maintained without affecting the normal operation of the store.

With the use of a large number of equipment, sales has been increased significantly, consumers are also very happy shopping.

Third, layout suggestions: The continuity of advertising will reassure consumers at the same time make sales increment. When a company provides a continuous product advertising message across all platforms, including an interactive LCD advertising machine, doing so will make people willing to spend more money and feel more confident about the product and its services. The interactive LCD advertising machine provides consumers with clear and concise guidance, even encouraging them to use these devices.

When the interactive LCD advertising machine is based on human psychological understanding, it can bring great benefits for most companies.