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How Digital Signage Ads Affect New Consumer Behavior in 2014?

How Digital Signage Ads Affect New Consumer Behavior in 2014?


Many people say that digital signage ads are a necessity for businesses, but there are few discussions about how digital signage can actually affect consumer behavior. However, Kinetic Panel\’s research is refreshing, because it reveals important message that are most closely related to the business: consumers!

How does digital signage ads affect consumers? Kinetic Panel\’s study involves 1000 consumers what they expect when they see an outdoor digital signage display. Nearly one-fifth (19%) of respondents said they wanted to know more about the product, service or advertising experience.

Of the young population (18-24 years), the proportion increased to 24%.

Interestingly, 23% of young people downloaded mobile apps after watching outdoor digital signage ads, compared to one out of 10 adults. As a result, the younger generation tends to use digital posters more.

However, according to the study, advertisers could use a method to remedy the flaw and reach out to more elderly groups by providing information at specific locations to broaden the appeal of digital posters. The study found that information in specific locations was the most desirable information for adults to get from digital posters. About 48% of the 1000 participants said weather updates were the most appropriate.

Another 38% said the digital signage ads should have a transmission update function, which was increased to 50% in the 55-64-year-old study participants.

In addition, 29% said they wanted to see more interactive search-and-navigate solutions in public places, while 32% said feature updates were more productive and 30% said information about local events would help their trip.

Digital signage, which features specific location information, can help users relate to them, thereby enhancing consumer interaction between brand loyalty and the older population. About One-fourth of respondents said they could provide battery-charging ports for mobile devices in order to make the most of their digital signage.

This may be beneficial to advertisers, as it may prolong the consumer\’s stay time.

The research further suggests that direct retail services are an opportunity to maximize the potential of digital posters, especially when you consider that one-tenth of those surveyed said they would be shopping directly from a digital signage ads display.

In fact, nearly one-third of the 25-34-year-old expect to be able to buy directly from the digital signage system in the future.