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Digital Signage Subway 2017 new choice

Digital Signage Subway 2017 new choice


With the development of technology and economic, commercial advertisment increasingly focus on ”Audience“ and ”Attention” in the public. Many factors facilitate new solution, digital signage subway products. This model is born with real-time, flexible and large-capacity. People are less exhaused to picture without moving, such new products may wake them up.

BETVIS stretched series are made of high-quality orginal screen – which display super clear image and give audience a perfect visual impact. Industrial grade materials as configuration supports 7*24 continual working. Moreover, it has a wide range of applications.

With great space efficiency from its wide screen, you can display information and advertisements at the same time.Now, we’d like to introduce one of main public applications for stretched screen : digital signage subway.

Ultra wide stretched LCD displays usually used in transportation like bus, metro, train, or airport. It is equipped with high brightness, full viewing angle, wide temperature and ruggedness – to fit into diverse places.

Range : Bus / Metro Stop Notice Board, Adverisement Board in Metro station, etc.

◣Open Frame – easy to be fixed in various sites.
◣Durable Metal Housing and Anti-Shock Design – adapt to bus environment.
◣Wide Range DC Power Input – adapt to voltage on bus / metro.
◣Industrial Hardware Design – support 7*24 Non-stop display.
◣Intellegent Network Control Chain – synchronization of multiple displays.
◣Excellent Software Assistance : Betvis Digital Signage Software can integrate with local PIS (passenger information system) system to provide real time passenger information while advertising.

It can freely display image / video / text animation, at the same time, can also play commercial advertising, public service advertising or other contents. R esearches show, millions of people spent time on diverse means of transportations every day.
For people, more than 10 minutes of \”leisure time\” may be boring. If there is a mobile display for its broadcast news, entertainment, meteorology, advertising information, such as the active \”spoon-feeding\” of the reading media to maximize the attention of attracting passengers, which presumably can get a good publicity effect