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Digital signage culture wall 2016 new

Digital signage culture wall


With the advancement & application of modern Science and Technology – Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Web and so on, and the Integration of \”Internet+Education\” keeps in-depth, the Structure and Pattern of education system is experiencing changes & transformations. Gradually, Intelligent Education, culture wall is emerging….

In this general circumstance, BETVIS always focuses on creating various solutions for each area in education, to lead the whole field speeds up to digital and intelligent transformation.

Campus Information Release System

It releases information from the issues on Simplicity, Unity, Timeliness and tough-management. This system could not only do centralized management, edit contents and release them with network; but also collect and sort a number of information out to split-display on the screen , together with such functions like scheduled playback, emergency breaks and etc.

This is helpful to improve efficiency and campus image, for establishing a real digital campus and perfect information circumstance for students.

Culture Wall System

BETVIS 17\”-32\” class board devices should be placed at every entrance of hall, elevator and classroom.., which show various notifications in campus, curriculum, class details and even help to check on student attendance.

Different with traditional class board, BETVIS products pay more attentions on \”Teacher – Student\” communication and real-time data interaction.

Library Inquiry System

Public area in library should be installed on a number of information publishing points, which can release new book introduction, library information, the expiry date prompt, release notice….

It is conducive to improve the efficiency of librarians and work quality, but also to provide an e-communication platform for administrators and students, for better service to students