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Betvis Digital Signage Airport Solution Enters Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 2018

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There are unexpected circumstances, which manpower cannot control. However, Ensuring passengers can master the weather conditions of departure and destination for the first time and master the departure status of flights at the first time in the ever-changing weather conditions, passenger’s satisfaction must be improved.


In real life, once extreme weather occurs, passengers\’ consultations, change of signatures, refunds, etc., will be concentrated, causing great pressure on airport service desks and detrimental to airport maintenance and order. Recently, Xi\’an Xianyang International Airport has purchased a number of digital signages from BETVIS. Using the information issuing system, it can send light media such as pictures and texts in seconds, making information passengers want to know to be transmitted at lightning speed. Betvis 55-inch FHD display makes these \”super mobile phones\” earn enough passenger eye!

Betvis floor-standing digital signage airport machine is framed by one-piece bending of aluminum alloy profiles. The thick galvanized cold-rolled steel is used as the main frame, and the machine is equipped with 6mm full-strength tempered riot glass with the highest safety factor.

On the system side, it adopts Betvis latest CMS software DSM80, which is cloud-based and web-based, support remotely central management for unlimited bus screens in your head office; support advertising contents design by easy drag-and-drop with split screen for image, video, RSS, text, HTML5, weather, time… support convenient time-schedule playback; In addition, updating contents via lan/wifi/3G/4G.

With advanced technology, excellent strength, and more than 10 years of service experience, Betvis Digital Signage airport solution has improved the information service level of Xi\’an Xianyang International Airport, allowing modern technologies to better integrate into airport services!