Smart Signage in Transportation Junction

Smart Signagein Transportation Junction Future transportation junctions, such as airports, high-speed railway stations, or passenger centers, requires more intelligence and efficience on information and instruction presentation. Consequently, higher investments in various format of smart signage (landmarks, signs, interactive screens, intellegent navigation and other intellegent systems) can be seen to meet future requirements. In the following sections, different …

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Solution A: Independent Screens Advantage: Each screen can play different content and can be managed separately. Solution B: Dual-display Sync Advantage: The two screens can play the same content without adding any external devices. Solution C: Multi-display Sync Advantage: Multiple screens can play the same content in a low-cost way. Secure Installation Screen attached to the pole with …

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Dilapidated transportation facilities can make people feel terrible. Modern and future transportation systems require more intelligent services. A well-designed screen may be the most direct way to get passengers into the future. While it eliminates the boring and unpleasantness of the journey, more business opportunities are on the way. Conceptual Design 1. BV-UW38 Subway Station …

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