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Betvis new digital signage hospital case study in 2018

Betvis new digital signage hospital case study in 2018


Hospital is an important place, which is closely related to our daily life. With the development of information age, hospitals are transforming to be more digitized, intelligentized, and informationized to satisfy the increasing requirements from the patients and visitors.

Recently, Shanghai chest hospital (affiliated chest hospital of Shanghai jiaotong university) were equipped with Betvis Intelligent Medical Display System in its new building. Dozens of digital signage hospital screens have been installed in crowded places such as the hospital hall, inpatient department, waiting area, passageway and conference room.

Betvis Intelligent Medical Display System consists of 2 parts: dsm80 information publication software and all in one digital signage hospital screen.The administrator can centralized manage and control all the screens through the network, such as resource uploading, program layout designing, playlist downloading, remote monitor and real-time supervision, etc. Our digital signage software helps to publish communications inform and educate your viewers across the hospital facilities.

Hospital Hall:

The outpatient hall with the most flow of people, how to guide people to the right department efficiently becomes a essential problem. The hospital information wall mount display shows electrical maps, medical procedures, and department and doctor introduction. It helps patient to the right department and get treatment asap, and alleviate their pains.

Elevator and passageway

when visitors are waiting in a line, these screens are used to broadcast and publicize the image of hospital and product advertisements, so as to facilitate patients to understand and trust the hospital, facilitate doctors\’ treatment of patients spiritually, and shape the brand image of the hospital.It can also broadcast weather information, clock and other public information to improve the viewing efficiency, increase advertising revenue, and further enrich the broadcast content.

Meeting Room

The display is installed outside each meeting room, it shows meeting subject, attendance, schedule and all calendar date etc, eliminating confusion and helping the staff and visitors find their meeting easily.

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