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How Betvis Digital signage Education Solution Highlights Celebrity Culture wall in 2018

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To create a digital signage education solution of cultural inheritance, a celebrity culture wall was built with 9 interactive screens in Ou\’hai library, in Wenzhou province, China. The screen shows 9 celebrities, famous writer, remarkable entrepreneur, and world renowned historical celebrities in Ou\’hai in recent Chinese history.There are 9 interactive digital signage displays in total, ranging from 22\”, 32\” and 43\”, with built in android system. Thanks to our dsm80 content management software, their portrait, life story and creative work are presented in a loop with vivid picture and video, and running text. 

Compared with the traditional static portraits or reliefs of celebrities, the dynamic culture celebrity wall could present more information and change the corresponding content according to readers\’preferences, which is more intelligent and appealing. By touching and clicking the screen, readers can interact with celebrities, and choose the content they are interested in to learn about their lives and contributions of the admired historical figures. Each screen can show a number of celebrities in a certain country, a certain type, or a certain historical period, and readers can read freely, avoiding the crowded or idle screen resources.

With the help of dsm80 digital signage software, this digital signage education project can update the content by network easily, and schedule the playlist by hour, day or week, to show various content. Meanwhile,he can remote monitor these screens,like turn on/off time, rebooting, and download time setting to avoid network rush hour; checking the playing status, including items name, play times, and duration etc.

If you are interested in creating such a celebrity wall in library or corporate, or museum, contact us now!