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BETVIS Digital Audio Visual Solution in New Retailing 2017

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In Internet era, traditional retail industry are affected by e-commerce now. In the future, offline and online retailing will be combined in depth with modern logistics. Increasing quantity companies will form the concept of future new retail through Big Data, cloud computing and other innovative technologies. The era of simple e-commerce will come to an end sooner, and the form of actual entities will also be broken – so that new retail will lead a new audio visual solution business mode in the future.

What is the concept of “New Retailing” ? 

Companies advance the manufacture, distribution and sales of products via the usage of high-tech with internet – to further re-shape industry structure and ecosystem, as well as a new retailing mode through the deep integration among online services, offline experiences and modern logistics.


Application : Retail store, Hotel industry, Supermarket & Shopping mall 

Feature :

◎ Fast Information Transfer

With DSM80 software, display information is easy to update and manage anytime or anywhere – perfect reaction to market changes.

◎ Convenient to Move

This model is easy to move, to put anywhere and close to customers for interactive actions.

◎ Customized

Update mode, appearance, and so on can be customized through your demand – to better product promotion.


People can make menu on the board to let people easy to get important information and capture their attention. This kind of signage is usually placed before cash account desk.


Shelf menu digital signage LCD player for promotion in store, supermarket and shopping mall. With the unique outer design, special displaying size and aspect ratio, it can catch customer eye-ball quickly.

\"\"The wave of new retail and new technologies will inevitably affect the entire retail industry. To change or not, and how to do is an urgent choice for retail companies. Digital audio visual solutions will be sure to bring operations visualization and accurate marketing, which is one of the transformation tools of the retail industry.