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Advertising player airport solution 2017 new

Advertising player airport solution


Airport is one of the most busiest place in the world with people from all countries coming and going everyday. Advertising player airport solution can benefits the airport, airline and passengers a lot. Here we make a short guide on how to full use digital signage screens.

Airport Overview & Finding Flights

The airport is always with large area, passengers may often be confused about how to reach their destination, especially for foreign tourists. To help visitors, the airport can apply way-finding touchscreen to display a list of valid information, including flight times, boarding gate numbers, maps, and directions.

The airport is dedicated to providing passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable experience to match their holiday or business travel, so they try their best to provide passengers with all useful information.  Our DSM80 digital signage software possesses powerful information deployment functions and rich interactive applications. It has been integrated into the daily operations of many hotels and airports, and has also been applied in many first-class enterprise organizations. It has undergone strict tests and is safe and reliable.


Advertising player airport solution is a good opportunity for advertising on the digital signage screen in airport.  Because there are numerous visitors coming and going everyday, who will spend long time on waiting before the flight takes off. With this in mind, if you can create compelling digital signage content, people may be more willing to watch and more likely to remember the information you want to express and communicate.

Airport Security

As airport security continues to be reviewed and updated, new procedures and regulations will always be introduced. Digital signage is the perfect way to present this information, it can update the safety information once you published on the server, and deliver different content on different screens in every locations. The digital signage screen can also display dynamic videos and picture to make the content more attractive, so that viewers can keep it in mind easily.

Entertainment interaction

Airport owners are likely to realize that the long waiting time will make passengers feel bored and anxious . At this point, digital signage can give you a whole new way to entertain visitors. With real time news, movies, TV shows, and other entertainment and interactive projects, you also have the opportunity to recover passengers who may be slightly dissatisfied with the airport, thereby improving the airport experience for this group of people.