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How to maintain digital signage products on a daily basis

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In the development of the digital signage market in the past two years, the situation is optimistic. On the one hand, its various technological innovations have innovated many new functions, and on the other hand, the market demand has increased. In today\’s digital age, intelligence and interaction have become the core keywords that dominate people\’s lives. In the future, the digital signage industry will focus more on interactive functions, which will lead the digital signage industry to a new level.

The correct way to maintain digital signage not only benefits the service life of the LCD digital signage, but also helps to save the maintenance cost in the later stage.


First, the maintenance of the advertising body

Even the best electronic products will have their own long-term use, of course, digital signages are no exception. The switch of the digital signage will cause certain damage to the digital signage. The frequent switching will cause damage to the electronic components of the screen, affecting the operation of the digital signage and affecting its service life; the continuous use should not exceed 7*24 hours. The heat dissipation environment is good, 7*24 hours is no problem, of course, to ensure the service life of the machine, it is still prudent as well!

Second, the maintenance of environmental factors

The working environment of the digital signage directly affects the operation and service life of the digital signage. The air temperature of the working environment where the digital signage is located must be suitable, generally 0 ° C ~ 55 ° C, storage temperature -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C; If the light is too bright or direct sunlight, it will not only affect the visual communication of the digital signage, but also damage the electronic components in the screen of the digital signage. In addition, if the electronic device is too humid, it will affect the circuit and cause the digital signage to work normally.

Third, the screen is clean

Usually, you must regularly maintain digital signage. You can use special potion to spray wine on the screen of the digital signage. Wipe it with a clean white cloth. Do not use a damp cloth with too much water. The damp cloth will easily make the water stay on the screen and then pass the edge. Entering the screen causes the system to be short-circuited, making the digital signage unable to work properly. It is recommended to use a soft scrub such as glasses cloth or lens paper to scrub the screen to avoid unnecessary scratches on the screen of the LED digital signage.