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How to select a lcd advertising display?

select a lcd advertising display

With the quick development of smart cities and the continuous updating of advertising machine technology, the diversity of advertising machine styles is also increasing, meeting the needs of different places in the market. Lcd advertising display is generally divided into a vertical advertising display and a wall mount advertising machine. So what is the better use of vertical advertising machines and wall-mounted advertising machines? This problem is also frequently asked by many new customers. As a manufacturer of advertising machines in the advertising machine industry for more than ten years, the public opinion advertisements tell everyone that each advertising machine has its own advantages, and the specific situation should be analyzed.

Now, let\’s briefly introduce how users should choose vertical display and wall mount one:


  1. The position of the vertical advertising machine is mobile and attractive. It is mainly used in banking, finance, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and other industries. It vividly displays advertising information and also interprets the brand image.


 2. The wall-mounted advertising machine hangs on the wall or other objects, and becomes a unique landscape for the space decoration. It is also easy to capture the eye of the customer and achieve the purpose of propaganda. At present, wall-mounted advertising machines are mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, commercial supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc. Wall-mounted advertising machines can quickly release promotional information, new product information, focus more on consumers, and enhance business brands. 
Whether it is a vertical advertising display or a wall-mounted advertising display, its main functions are similar. It is recommended that users choose according to their own application scenarios and actual needs. In terms of price, the vertical advertising machine is more expensive than the wall advertising machine. The two types of advertising machines are relatively simple to install, and both can choose the stand-alone version and the online version of the advertising machine. The quality of the corporate image will directly affect its own survival problems, so all major companies are very focused on their brand promotion, showing their best side to customers. Therefore, the role of the advertising display in the industry products or the image of the enterprise is irreplaceable.