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3 new tips to future proof your digital signage project

3 tips to future proof your digital signage project


Get better-looking displays

 Digital signage projects are getting wider than they are now, yet slimmer than ever before. Don’t waste money on some thick-and-heavy equipment cause you may want to get rid of it very soon.

Meanwhile, higher resolution is still the key influential here. Don’t give up any chance if you can get a 4k display rather than an HD one.


Deploy screens that last

Don’t let cheap online quotation fool you because you don’t know who you are talking to on the internet. It is exciting to find what seems to be the same product, or even a better one, with a much lower price. In digital signage market, lower price is never the best policy. The pleasure of lower investment will soon be shadowed by the endless pain that is meant to follow.


Work with a good DS supplier

 A good partner makes your work easier, and foreseeably, happier. You don’t have to compromise for some terrible supplier only because your budget is limited or your project is small. Good suppliers care more about your business ability and potential. This might not be the best example, but considering itself as a quality supplier, Betvis always support clients with all its strength, even if the digital signage project is small, or the short-term profit is very low.