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How does smart digital signage create \”smart communities\”?


How does smart digital signage create \”smart communities\”?

With the continuous development and improvement of the Internet of Things and big data, smart digital signage systems will surely bring greater development test. The emergence of artificial intelligence technology has subverted our normal lifestyle and improved the efficiency of social operations. In recent years, the use of smart digital signage systems has spread to government agencies, major corporations, hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls and transportation hubs, and has played a huge role in practical applications, effectively promoting economic development. And improved people\’s lives.

At present, under the trend of intelligent development, we are actively responding to the national policy call for building a “smart city”. New and old real estates and real estate properties across the country are rushing to create the slogan of “smart community”, and what is the smart community? What problems should be solved to build a smart community? How to build a smart community?
What is a smart community?

Smart community is a key component of “smart city”. It refers to the integrated application of next-generation smart digital signage technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile Internet, providing a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents. To form a new form of informationization, intelligent management and services, and sustainable operation of the community.

At this stage, the information of the smart community is mostly trivial and complicated daily life information. Various fee notifications, community meeting activities, and club service information are open. Traditional forms of information dissemination are posted on the bulletin board, elevator doors, and building entrances in paper-printed flyers. This method is a great waste of resources, untimely information release, and inconvenient management of crisis situations.


Demand Analysis


Information release: It adopts multimedia information publishing system management to realize comprehensive information and services such as video, picture, text, webpage and live broadcast in real time. It is one of the ways to show the culture and image of smart community.
Efficient management: All information display terminals can be managed uniformly and uniformly, saving maintenance labor cost resources.
Human-computer interaction: Residents can self-check, order, and operate the community interactive platform to further understand the current status and information of the community, and also an interactive platform for residents to further bring the community closer.
Safe and reliable: The internal information of the community is highly confidential and the amount of information is large. It needs a more secure and stable multimedia information platform to support it.

The smart digital signage system is a network-based editing management software system. It is a comprehensive information display system platform specially used for editing, web publishing and remote control management of various electronic information. The platform can be used for various texts and images. Various information materials such as animation, slideshow, audio and video files, TV, external dynamic data, digital/analog audio and video capture, etc. are edited and produced, and the control and release display are unified through the local area network or the Internet.

Information release area application recommendation

Community entrance: a wide area such as the gate entrance of the park is equipped with a floor-standing/wall-mounted all-in-one machine. The video and pictures are used for publicity in the community, and some locations are used as guiding information to guide the direction of the residents. The touch-one machine can also be arranged to allow residents to check the community profile, floor conditions, surrounding information and so on.
Building Lobby: A floor-standing/wall-mounted all-in-one machine is arranged in a wide area such as the lobby entrance to play real-time information or advertisements. It can also be equipped with a touch-one machine for residents to check the community profile, floor conditions, and surrounding information.

Elevator: Place a wall-mounted all-in-one in the elevator waiting room to play real-time news, advertising information, notices, etc., so that information transfer is paperless and fast. Live broadcasts of events or TV shows are also available.

Club area: An important place where the community club integrates catering and entertainment. The configuration information release terminal contributes to information transmission and operational income.